Simplify management, get better reviews and grow your business with airguide™

Explain things your way

Written descriptions to cover the basics

Add as much or as little information as you wish and edit anytime.

Unlimited images to personalise your app

Bring your airguide™ to life by uploading your own images.

Video uploads straight from your phone

Shoot videos with your phone and upload them straight away.

Upload PDFs to explain the tricky stuff

Provide step-by-step instructions or operating manuals when that extra bit of detail is required.

Top questions and highlights

What time is checkout? Add frequently asked questions to your homepage so guests won’t miss them.

Link to websites and directions

Help your guests explore the local area with convenient links and directions to local attractions.

Delight guests with personal recommendations for the local area

Local area map

Local restaurants, attractions, stores, transport and more - all displayed on one easy to use map.

Search our pre-loaded places and add with a click

Share your local expertise and give your personal touch. Add as many places as you like.

Share with guests, easily and securely

Custom web link to match your brand

You'll get a customised web link that you can share with guests via email, SMS, WhatsApp or booking platform messaging (e.g. Airbnb, Vrbo)

QR codes for quick access to your app

You'll get custom QR codes that you can print out and display in a prominent position within your place. Guests can simply scan with their phone to get instant access to your airguide™ app.

Add a passcode to keep your app secure

Set a passcode for your app - you can change it whenever you like so only guests with the latest passcode can access your app.